Control software

Online image and videos browsing of each system installed. ERP system integration with customized stats and searching fields.

High resolution camera

Guarantees a high quality and optimal Full HD resolution capturing images and videos of the buckets.

Custom statistics

Customized stats to monitorize production periods and stations.

Without modifying layout

Neptune adapts to any production conveyor belt without stopping or changing its speed.

What is Neptune?

What is Neptune

Neptune is an image capturing system which mission is to provide the necessary records to ensure traceability of the supply chain of pharmaceutical companies.

How it works

Neptune takes pictures or videos to the contents of the buckets without stopping the conveyor belt and it associates them to the barcodes of each bucket.

The system traces the order of each customer with a photograph or video and identifier in each part of the production process where Neptune is installed.

System requirements

Neptune is installed and adapts very easily to any production layout:

  • No need to modify your layout.
  • Without stopping or changing the conveyor belt speed.

To be installed, it only needs:

  • Power 220-240 VAC
  • Socket (Ethernet – RJ45)



High resolution camera

High quality and optimal Full HD resolution capturing images and videos.

Barcodes reading and association

Buckets barcodes reading, association between orders and images and videos captured.

Images and videos

Online realtime browsing of images and videos captured by Neptune throught its control software.

Customized statistics

Custom stats to monitorize production periods and stations.

Orders traceability

Neptune provides the necessary registers to guarantee the traceability of the orders during all the production process.

Customized search

Neptune's control software let you search the images and videos of the buckets through its barcode, order number, article, date, etc.


Advantages after its implantation


Identify preventive actions

Neptune will allow the company to audit at any time its production process to make possible to identify preventive and corrective actions.

Neptune will improve the company product recovery, both the excess as sent incorrectly.

Reduce the company claims up to 70%

In a real case study, after the implantation of Neptune, the claims have been reduce from 300 to 100 per day.

Before the implantation of Neptune
Afther the implantation of Neptune

Immediate investment amortization and customers identification

In a real case study, after the implantation of Neptune, the investment has been amortized in just 15 days.

Neptune will allow the company to limit precisely which customers really have not controlled their process of receiving orders and it will avoid making incorrect assessments of their own customers.

Our clients

Neptune has been implemented on the following pharmaceutical related logistic centres:



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